Work Ashram

What we do.

Office Space

Un-Sit your workspace! 

  • 7 Treadmill Desks

  • 4 Bike Desks

  • 2 Sound proof single person room

  • 1 Conference Room upto 8 people

  • Kitchenette with full size Refrigerator to store your own refreshments

  • Microwave, Hot Water, Water, Tea and Variety of Coffee

  • Printing & Scanning Services are also provided

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Pranayama Room

Meditation and Pranayama Room Our specially conceived Meditation and Pranayama Room allows you to destress and refocus.  You can meditate, deep breath and relax in a custom designed low light ambiance with calming meditation music.  The room has yoga mats, bean bag  pillows, or anti-gravity chairs. 

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Yoga/Dance/Fitness Room

Yoga, Dance and Fitness Studio where you can stretch, breath, do your favorite Asanas, dance to Zumba music and break a sweat! You can also enjoy foosball or practice your putting skills. Point is it to Unplug from work stress!

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You can simplye come experience our facility because we always offer first hour free. 

We offer flexible membership levels. Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. 

There is no membership required to rent conference room 

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We have two conference rooms available. One for 8 people and one for 12 people. 

  • 55 Inch TV for projecting your data files
  • Secured Wifi signal
  • White board and chalks 
  • Bright View of Andover downtown
  • Adjustable height desk is available in 8 people conference room only!
  • White noise machine for privacy
  • Access to Coffee, Water, Microwave and Kitchen


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Our Pricing Packages

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Welcome to
Work Ashram

At Work Ashram we strive to provide an environment where balance between work and personal physical, and mental health can be realized. We believe a healthy body and mind sparks creativity, new ideas, collaborations, and professional growth.  You don’t have to sacrifice health for your work goals. It all starts with your workspace. 

Stay Healthy and Energized at Work Ashram! At Work Ashram we are committed to providing a holistic approach to health with our three creatively designed spaces.

1) Un-Sit Your Workspace - Our office workspaces offer ergonomic adjustable standing treadmill desks where you can walk/work or bike while working!

2) Meditation and Pranayama Room - Our specially conceived Meditation and Pranayama Room allows you to unplug, destress and refocus.  

3) Yoga, Dance and Fitness Studio - Here you can stretch, do your Asanas, Zumba dance, play foosball or practice putting!


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